May 22nd Parking for KHS Seniors’ Parade

To the Residents of Lagrange Village and others in Keystone School District:
I know that a lot of the Keystone seniors’ parents live outside the Village and they will be driving into LaGrange to watch the parade Friday night. To help with parking, because there is not enough on the square, we have been given permission to use certain businesses. You can park in the parking lot at the Depot and watch from U. S. Grant or Route 301. You can also go to the Community Park in the center parking lot. The parade will go by you and turn around in the back of the park, you will actually see it twice. We have also received permission from SpaceBound, Mercy Health and Keystone Pointe on Opportunity Way. Grey Hawk Golf Club on U.S. Grant has agreed to parking as long as individuals abide by Social Distancing provisions. Try to spread out as much as possible to comply with the Health Department and to keep this night special for these kids. We will actually be chalking the sidewalks to help with social distancing. Please share this post with other Keystone parents.
PLEASE AVOID PARKING ON THE STREETS, parking on the street will minimize viewing the parade.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation!
Mayor Kim Strauss

In Need of Food? Second Harvest Food Distribution this Thursday, April 23rd.

Thursday, April 23 12:00-3:00pm
Lorain County Fairgrounds
23000 Fairgrounds Rd, Wellington
Second Harvest will be distributing FREE boxes of assorted shelf-stable food and more.
Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio
5510 Baumhart Rd. | Lorain, OH 44053 | (440) 960-2265
• Please remain in your vehicle
• Food will only be placed
in the trunk of your vehicle
• Food cannot be placed in
the front or back seat area
• Please ensure trunk space is
clean and clear of other items
• If the trunk is not clean, you will
be asked to pull off and can only
return to the line once the trunk
is empty

Village Offices Will Be Closed on Thursday, December 5th

All Village of LaGrange offices and maintenance will be closed on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 so that all of our employees can attend the Memorial Service for Village Administrator, Walt Sukey. Following the service, the LaGrange Police will escort Walter’s hearse through the Village…he will be here one more time.

Snow Parking Ban and Leaf Removal Ordinances

Snow Bans/Snow Removal

Whenever snow has accumulated to a depth of two inches (2″) or more on any curbed street or on any paved street, parking shall be prohibited until such time as snow has been plowed from any such street. This prohibition shall not apply to parking in Public Square.

Snow and Leaf Removal

It is against Village Ordinances to blow snow from driveways onto Village streets.  YOU CAN BE TICKETED!  This is a safety issue.  It is also illegal to place or blow leaves onto Village streets.  Leaves plug up storm water drainage grates.  Please follow these Ordinances.

Light Up the Village of LaGrange











DECEMBER 15, 2019 AT 6:00 PM




Help With Social Security!

Government services are often underutilized by the people who need them simply because they don’t know where to go or who to get in touch with. We’re trying to cut down the confusion when it comes to Social Security services.

As a non-partisan group, we hope our new Social Security directory will help ALL people in LaGrange access these services without frustration. We want these citizens to know where to go when it comes getting information about:
• Retirement Benefits
• Disability Benefits
• Social Security Cards
• Other Federal Government Services

Social Security Office Near Me is the first comprehensive resource that includes all of this information so that citizens can have frustration-free interactions with our federal government.

Here’s what it looks like:

No More Cardboard Recycling Bin!

Republic Services has notified the Village that there will NO LONGER be recycling of cardboard in bulk quantities.  Our cardboard container has been removed from the former Village Hall and not replaced.  You may still place cardboard in your home, recycling containers. The dumpster at the Keystone Bus Garage behind the Village Administration building does not belong to the Village.  Please do not use the Keystone dumpster, it is illegal.  Thank you!

Lorain County Emergency Notification System

Emergency situations have become, all to often, the rule rather than the exception. In these days and times, we need to help and support each other! We also need to be vigilant regarding unforeseen circumstances or situations! Click on the link above for more information!