Mayor Kim Strauss

Phone:  (440) 759-2048

Village Solicitor:  Mr. Jon Clark

Police Department

Chief of Police: Chad Duensing

LaGrange Village
P.O. Box 597
301 Liberty Street
LaGrange, Ohio 44050
Telephone:  (440) 355-4469

Zoning/Permits Office

Mary Kay Gates
301 Liberty Street
LaGrange, Ohio 44050
Telephone: (440) 355-5555

Click here for ZONING BOOK
Click here for required permits:   CHART-OF-REQUIRED-PERMITS
Click here for the LaGrange Zoning Map:  LaGrangeZoning-2010

Village Maintenance Department

Full Time:

Bill Letterly:                Maintenance Supervisor
Bob Hulec:                        Waste Water Plant Supervisor
Melissa Lilly:                    Maintenance
Michael Rourke                Maintenance
Ken Homoki:                    Waste Water Plant Operator
Hillary Grasse:                  Waste Water Plant Operator

Village Maintenance Part Time:  Jacob Secrist, Michael Kroupa, Barry Barnett

LaGrange Planning Commission

Meets 1st Thursday of month at 7:00 p.m.

Contact Zoning Clerk Mary Kay Gates at 355-5555 for information on the Planning Commission’s Agenda

Chairman Chris Gates
Mayor Kim Strauss
Council Representative Rick Honer
Mr. Jim Klonowski

Zoning Board of Appeals

Contact Zoning Clerk Mary Kay Gates at 355-5555 for information on the Zoning Board Appeals

Chairperson Michael Stell
Mr. Carl Zipfel
Mr. James Vargo
Mr. Dennis Smith
Mr. Larry Woodruff

Village Administrator's Office

Village Administrator:  Rest in Peace
Phone:  355-5555 or 355-5575

Village Building Inspector:  Mr. Tom Horseman

Recycling Coordinator:
Phone:  355-5555 or 355-5575

Utility Office and Forms

Office Manager:  Sherrie Gall

LaGrange Village Utility Office
P.O. Box 597
301 Liberty Street
LaGrange, Ohio 44050
Telephone: (440) 355-5575 or (440) 355-5555

Part Time Utility Office:   Erica Axford


utility_forms (1)   (Click Here for water and sewer service form)

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

LaGrange Community Improvement Corporation

The LaGrange Community Improvement Corporation was formed in cooperation between the Village and Township to sell and develop the co-owed properties on Opportunity Way.  The current businesses are SpaceBound, Keystone Pointe Nusing Home and Mercy Medical Office.

LCIC President, Gary Kincannon  Contact:
Mayor Kim Strauss
Township Trustee Rita Canfield
Township Trustee Doug Gardner

Fire Department

Fire Chief -James Rader
Asst. Fire Chief- Dan Jackson
Asst. EMS Chief- Todd Straub

Fire Office –   440 355-6868    Email –
EMS Office –   440 355-6353     Email –

Keystone-Lagrange Branch Library

101 West Street, LaGrange, Ohio 44050

(440) 355-6323

Sunday:  Closed
Monday-Thursday: 10-8
Friday/Saturday: 10-5