To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange:

I would like to start this update with an apology. My life the last couple of weeks has been a blur losing two family members and I should have already put out this update. I would also like to thank everyone for the wonderful thoughts and prayers sent to my family during this time of grievance, they were very much appreciated.

In the last three weeks we have had three cases and so everyone understands these are cases that are confirmed by the Lorain County Health Department. If someone works in the Village but lives out of the Village, they are not counted against us. I was told there were a couple at the school before school started but they did not all live in the Village so not all were counted. This brings our total to fourteen which I believe is amazing when you consider our population to be approximately twenty-four hundred. We were in the yellow designation for a short period but have now moved back to orange because of a spike on hospital and emergency room visits. Please continue to do your part with social distancing and the wearing of a mask when appropriate so we can keep our Village safe.

I have been asked a lot about Halloween and it is scheduled for October 31 as usual and along with this update included are recommendations from the Health Department to guide us through a safe Halloween. I would encourage you that if you do not feel comfortable participating this year please stay home and turn your porch light off. If you are inclined to participate please do so and follow the guidelines sent out by the Health Department and have your porch light on to let the children know to come to your house for a treat.

I have also been asked many times what the new buildings on the end of Opportunity Way are, these two facilities were built to handle severely disabled people who need round the clock care. These individuals live at these facilities full time and need constant care.

I hope these updates bring everyone up to date and I will continue to keep you informed as I am informed with any new numbers or information.

Stay safe

Mayor Kim Strauss

Village of Lagrange