To the residents of the Village of Lagrange:

Life as we know it has changed, hopefully for a short period of time. People and businesses are adjusting as well as can be expected. I hope all of you are practicing the safe distance guidelines to keep yourselves and your families safe. We are making adjustments as well, to keep our employees safe and able to do their jobs.

We will be having a council meeting soon to take care of only basic necessities like paying bills and payroll. This meeting will not be opened to the public for obvious reasons. The Public Health chairman for Lorain County has made this very clear and I agree. We will be as far apart as possible during this meeting and we will leave immediately to keep contact with each other at a minimum. We are practicing the safe distance guidelines as well.

Charlotte Wray from Mercy Health has informed me that Dr. Gomez on Opportunity Way will be conducting virtual appointments for those that are afraid to go out but might have a problem they would like to discuss with the doctor. This is a great thing for Lagrange residents to have available, the phone number there is 440-222-4160.

We had our first resident in need. We were contacted by the resident’s daughter because she was afraid, he was running out of food and other necessities. Village employees were able to get him what he needed along with help from the Lagrange Lions Club food pantry. He is now set up with Second Harvest Food Bank to help him through these trying times. Again, if you know of someone in need in the Village let us know and we will do our best to help. On that same note the Lions food supply is getting low, if you are at the IGA and can afford to donate it would be much appreciated by everyone involved.

And last but not least, I would like to take this time to give a huge shout out to all of our safety service forces and medical personnel, doctors, nurses, fireman, policeman and the military for all that they do to keep us safe while putting their own lives in danger. Remember they all have families they want to go home to.

Hope you are staying safe,
Mayor Kim Strauss
Village of Lagrange