MARCH 15th, 2020

To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange,

 We are continuing to speak with surrounding communities to develop strategies to properly address the coronavirus. We are also enacting policies in the Village to keep contact at a minimum and at the same time continue to provide services as needed.

We have set a policy to stop any disconnections of water service because we know that proper handwashing and sanitation is critical to the spread of this virus. This cannot happen without access to water. Although we encourage all residents to continue timely payments of their utilities, we will work with residents to bring their bill into compliance in a timely manner.

We have stepped up police coverage at the times of the day that have the most activity and we will continue to keep our Village safe.

Simple inspections at this time where we have to enter the home will be put on hold for the time being to minimize contact as much as possible. This is to protect you as residents as well as the employees of the Village.

We will continue to keep everyone updated as things develop but I would encourage everyone to keep contact at a minimum if at all possible, especially the elderly and people with underlying conditions. Some businesses have already put things in place to keep the spread of this virus in check as much as possible and I am sure there will be more to follow.

We will continue to follow state and local guide lines as they are set down by the local authorities.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,

Mayor Kim Strauss

Village of LaGrange

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