To the residents of the Village of Lagrange:

I am happy to report that as of today we are still holding at three cases of Covid 19 in the Village and Township combined, this is great news and the type I like to report. I was on my weekly teleconference call today with the Mayors in Lorain County and Rebecca Starks from the Cleveland Clinic along with Dave Covell from Lorain County Public Health Services and one topic of conversation was letting people know that the hospitals are all caught up and ready to serve anyone in need. We do not want people to stay away from the hospitals if they seriously need help. These hospitals are geared up and ready to treat people and to treat people safely. Some people from the EMS squads have reported people waiting too long to call for help and this is just as dangerous as the virus if not more so.

Another topic that was discussed was whether or not Hot Stove baseball will start and at this time the answer is no. I have been asked this a lot lately. The only thing I can say at this time, is that I was told more information on this subject will be out in about three weeks. I promise to keep everyone updated as much as possible on this subject and any others that come along that are relevant in regards to our community.

As we enter this first phase in restarting the economy the Village will slowly move forward along with it. I will be calling back the bulk of our employees on May fourth to try and get back to business as usual, within reason. We will still be practicing social distancing through the work day as everyone else will be, but we also need to get back to taking care of the Village. As far as the Village offices go, we will phase this opening in a little slower as we get the building safe for the public. We will be adding hand sanitizers at the inside and outside of the main doors for people to use along with the police department so that people can come in and feel safe. We are periodically spraying the inside and the outside of the building with a solution that kills the virus and this will continue for some time. I will let you know when the building opens.

I would like to remind everyone that Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Grafton will be giving out food once again to people in need. This will be May 2 from 10:00 AM till 12:00 noon. This is open to Village and Township residents of Lagrange and you should enter off of Route 57 into the parking lot.

I would like to thank the Penfield Quilters for making masks for the police department and I would like to thank Hellen Collins and once again Mrs. Ulupinar for donating masks to be given away at the Village Offices. If you need a mask please call Mary Kay Gates at 355-5555 ext. 1 or myself at 355-5309. We will make arrangements to get you a mask.I would like to give a special shout out to Korin Adkins. This young lady has taken donations and purchased food to give to families in need with in our community. She helped a young woman with four children whose husband is in the military. This is what small towns are all about, thank you for all you have done. If someone needs help of any kind please call the Village Hall or myself and we will do our best to help.

Stay safe,

Mayor Kim Strauss