To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange:

We are now living in a very unique and challenging time. This virus has turned everything upside down for all of us. I hope you are all safe and above all I hope you are staying at home as much as possible. Social distancing is what we can do to help the people who are trying to keep us safe, police, fire, ems, doctors, nurses and anyone else who is on the front lines. Remember they all want to go home to their families too.

I have been on phone conferences every couple of days getting updates from health agencies, hospitals and all of the local mayors throughout the county. We have been meeting every week to compare what is being done in our municipalities. One concern we have is we already see groups of teens riding around together in vehicles. This definitely does not follow the guide lines of social distancing. I have also seen kids going to the basketball courts to play together, this cannot continue so the basketball courts and tennis courts have been closed down until further notice. If just one of these kids comes into contact with this virus, they then could take it home to parents and grandparents, siblings and their other friends. I know that this seems harsh to some but it is necessary to keep everyone safe in these trying times. Warm weather is on the way and I feel these issues will continue to pop up and we must be ready.

I was on a conference call with Rebecca Stark from the Cleveland Clinic and she informed us that her figures show that our area won’t peak until the first week of May. After that we should see the numbers start to decline and improve. We must be vigilante until then and stay inside and safe. I have also been asked daily if there are any reported cases in Lagrange and at this time I can say no, but I know that this could change tomorrow.

I would like to touch on the 2020 census. The census can now be done on line and it is very easy and quick. This census is very important to the village because when we file for state and federal funds or grants it goes by population so if everyone doesn’t report accurately, we could lose out on these funds. So please take the time to fill out your census on line.

And last but not least I would like to thank the people who have stepped up and donated N95 masks and gloves to the police department. These are much needed and very much appreciated. The police department has been very busy dealing with many calls, both good and bad, and I want them to be as safe as possible. And once more if anyone knows someone who needs help getting food or medicines please call my cell or the village hall so that we can assist.

Thanking you for your social distancing,

Mayor Kim Strauss