To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange:

I was hoping that this would be a boring update with no new numbers and then I was contacted by the Lorain County Public Health Department. I have been told that since the last update a little over a week ago we have gained three cases. This brings our total up to seventeen cases and the Public Health Department has told me we now have enough to do some statistical analysis to see if there are any trends going on in our Village. I was also advised that there is a possibility we could go to red Thursday in the county. This is not because of Lagrange it is because of overall numbers in the county. We have done very well in Lagrange and I hope these low numbers continue. Please continue to practice social distancing and the wearing of a mask when appropriate and or required.

I have seen many comments on the Village Facebook page after my updates about other cases and people hearing things about schools in the area. I am only given information on residents in the Village of Lagrange, even if someone works here but lives in another city, that case is attached to that city not Lagrange. I am never given any other information on the person because of HIPAA rules and I will only report confirmed cases from the Lorain County Public Health Department because these are factual. When I give an update, I want you to know that these are facts I am reporting confirmed by the Health Department. I will also let you know when the statistical analysis is done and what it showed if anything, you could also check the Health Department site because it should be posted there also.

If cases are reported in the Keystone Schools, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent to notify those affected.

There have also been questions about the date for Halloween. There was a site that listed it on October 25 by mistake, it is always on October 31 in the Village.

Thank you for your cooperation through this pandemic we will get through it together.

Stay Safe!
Mayor Kim Strauss
Village of Lagrange