To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange:

The last three weeks have been the worst we have seen as we have been upgraded to Purple in Lorain County. There have been a little over forty cases total with unfortunately several deaths. The majority of the cases and the deaths have been at Keystone Pointe, with only a small number in the Village. The cases at Keystone Pointe involve staff also and not just residents. Please keep everyone at Keystone Pointe in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to fight through this to make sure their residents receive the best care possible while working in an environment that for the most part, is as safe as they can make it. They have a COVID-19 unit where they can keep patients isolated but the staff must still take care of these people while in this unit. These front-line people deserve our respect and gratitude for continuing to do their job along with all other front-line people out there in hospitals, fire departments, EMS squads and police departments. Even our small police department has been hit and we have an officer on quarantine. Please continue to practice social distancing when necessary and wear a mask when appropriate.

Speaking of masks. I have seen some people in businesses without masks when it is clearly marked on the door that it is required. I know that some people out there do not want to wear masks and I somewhat understand, but when you walk in that business where it is posted you are putting that business in jeopardy, they could be subjected to fines or the loss of there license. If you don’t want to wear the mask, don’t enter those businesses.

We have a tradition in Lagrange of having Christmas on the Square. After speaking with people from The KEEP organization and the school, we have made the decision not to have it. Since moving to Purple in Lorain County, I don’t feel it would be safe, especially when we are not to have a gathering of more than ten people. I know the Alumni Band along with the school choirs will be saddened but we hope we can have a spring concert at the Village Hall next year to fill the void. I thought Christmas on the Square would have been good for the children considering what they have been through. Hopefully it will be back next year.

Stay safe out there and act responsibly and we will get through this together.

Mayor Kim Strauss

Village of Lagrange