As of Wednesday, July 9, 2020: one new case in the Village and two new cases in the Township. Based upon our best information available.

To the residents of the Village of Lagrange

I have not put out any updates lately and that is a good thing. I am putting out one now to let people know where we stand as far as our numbers. We had one more case last week in the Village and I believe that brings our total to ten. Most have been through quarantine and have been released and are doing well other than the one from last week who is thirty years old and I’m sure is still in the fourteen-day period. Mr. Covell from Lorain County Public Health has informed me that even though the numbers in the County have gone up hospitalizations have stayed flat in that same time period. I hope this trend continues because that is what we need to watch.

I am sure most of you heard Governor Dewine has moved Lorain County to a level three category beginning July tenth at six pm, to see what that entails you can go to the Lorain County Public Health website and read the rules governing this. It will explain what you can or should do and what you shouldn’t do. Once again, I encourage everyone to observe social distancing especially if you have underlying health issues.

Also, just to let everyone know I believe we still have masks available at the Village Hall if needed.

Stay Safe

Mayor Kim Strauss

Village of Lagrange