To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange:

As I write this update, I am constantly thinking about how our lives have changed in such a short period of time. Many have compared this to 911 but the difference is after 911 people came together to give support to each other and even that has been taken away from us with social distancing. I can’t imagine how the mothers and fathers feel that have tested positive for Covid 19 and they can’t hug their children. Speaking to my daughter who is now 30 years old is just not the same as giving her a hug to let her know that everything will be okay, I miss this the most.

As of this writing we still only have one confirmed case and that is in the Township. I was told of another in the Township but I have not been able to verify this new information. I want everyone to understand that these are cases that are confirmed by test but there could be many more that have just not been tested because they have no symptoms. We need to continue to follow social distancing rules to keep contact with others at a minimum.

I was on a conference call this week with the local mayors along with Dave Covell from Lorain County Public Health and Rebecca Stark from the Cleveland Clinic. The feeling is that our number of cases has flattened some what and that is good, what is more important is that we continue to stay safe at home to keep this trend going. Even the governor, who I think has done a great job, along with Dr. Acton agree with this. I am very proud of our community and the way we have practiced social distancing. Keep up the good work!!!!

We are going to have a council meeting shortly, probably on the sixteenth, to pay bills and clean up any business to keep the Village operating. We have to follow the sunshine law and keep it open to the public but I assure you we will only do the basics and I strongly urge the public to stay away. We will post the agenda so everyone knows what we are doing. With council, myself the administrator and the fiscal officer we already have 9 people and you are not allowed to have more than ten at one time. We are working on a way to use Zoom or Facetime for the next meeting so that people could call in to listen. I will be asking council to pass a resolution declaring a state of emergency to help us apply for federal funds when they come available. With the added shifts at the police department our general fund will be decreasing and I was just notified by the State Auditor that we need to cut 20% from our budget to account for the drop in local funds that come from the state.

I would like to end this update on a positive note with a huge shout out to Kasandra Kobak owner of Believe Dream Dare, BDD Dance Studio located in Lagrange. This young lady has been doing a once a week virtual princess story craft and sing along, not only in Lagrange but in surrounding areas. She also dressed as Elsa from Frozen and did a “quarantine birthday yard visit” where she stood on the sidewalk for just five minutes and made a little girl’s day. Thank you for voluntarily making peoples days just a little brighter!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter,

Mayor Kim Strauss
Village of Lagrange