Bulk Regulations:

Consider bulk as items that cannot be broken down and placed into Trash or Recycling containers IE: Household Furniture, Washer/Dryers, TV’s, tables, swing sets, mattress/box springs, chairs etc…

  • Carpet and wood should be cut to 4ft lengths, no more than 40lbs and be rolled and tied/bundled together
  • Boxes should be broken down, no longer than 4ft in length, weigh no more than 40lbs and must be tied/bundled
  • Please ensure to completely Appliances: Refrigerators and freezers, DOORS REMOVED – FREON REMOVED and tagged by certified technician
  • Any other Freon bearing appliance: Freon must be removed and tagged by certified technician
  • wrap any mattress or box springs in plastic
  • You may place additional bags of trash or trash containers out for you bulk pickup each month
  • Christmas trees will be picked up the 1st & 2nd full week of January on your normal collection day.  Trees must be free of ornaments, tinsel and not enclosed in a bag. Trees larger than 4 ft must be cut in half.

Please have all items to the curb no later than 6:00 am on your service day

Please place containers on opposite sides of your driveway if possible. Please ensure containers are 3 feet away from any stationary objects for servicing by the automated trucks