Covid/Village News, May 2021

To the Residents of the Village of Lagrange:

I have not put out an update lately and it is for a good reason. We have had virtually no cases to report in the last three to four weeks in the Village. The county numbers have also been minimal along with hospitalizations overall and this is great news. I did not want to bore you with non-informational updates but I have been asked to send one out and I hope this makes people feel a little bit more at ease. Governor DeWine has also announced that health mandates will be lifted on June 2nd except for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. What this means is businesses or schools are not required to make you wear a mask or to continue social distancing, but if they choose to do so it is up to them. The same can be said for you, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask then by all means you should do so. The governor has put the responsibility back on us as individuals and on the businesses themselves. Please remember that a business is privately owned and if they choose to continue the mask requirement you should wear a mask in that business or go somewhere else. This does not mean that Covid is gone, but it does mean that more people are now vaccinated, including myself and my family, and the numbers are trending down and that is a good thing.

The Keystone Graduation Parade was such a success last year that the school has requested it again, the parade will start at the Village Municipal Building and end at the high school. The parade is this Sunday May 16 at 6:30 and should be completed around 7:30. Please come out and give these seniors a great send off and congratulate them for all that they have accomplished. We have limited the social distancing so we will not be going through the park this year, you can come up to the square or park at the school and greet them on Opportunity Way at the end. A lot of you will have a bird’s eye view in your front yards so partner up with your friends to watch. There is a parade route on the Village site if you would like to check exactly where it will go.

I hope this update finds everyone well and I want to thank you all again for doing such a great job through this pandemic. Even though we have lost people along the way, I do believe that many were saved by these mandates and by you diligently following them.

Stay safe!
Mayor Kim Strauss
Village of Lagrange