Durham Ridge at Grey Hawk Golf Club experienced a boom in construction in 2017.  The development has had slow growth over the last five years but Ryan Homes, low lot costs and low interest rates created this growth.  Approximately 45 homes were built in 2017 with more planned for 2018.  Streets with empty lots are not only eye-sores, but create a maintenance cost with little income for the Village.  The new homes increase the Village’s valuation and brings added income tax to offset that maintenance!  Village Council would like to welcome our new residents and hope you enjoy your “country club” atmosphere in our rural setting!  Overall, 51 new houses, 28 apartment units and nine condominium units were constructed in the Village in 2017! The apartments are at the end of Keywood Street.


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  • Niki

    Looking forward to moving there in March!

    • Rob

      We also just moved in. Amazing community love the small town feel!!

  • Gary Kincannon

    Welcome to all of our new residents! Look to sign up for golf leagues in your backyards!

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