Contractors must be registered to conduct business in the Village of LaGrange!

All contractor registrations, all Applications and all completed Permits MUST be returned to Village Hall!

Contact the Village Office at 440-355-5555 for details.

Listed below are links to various forms and permits required in the Village of LaGrange. Click on the link and print the form you need. The forms are viewable through Adobe Acrobat Reader SoftwareClick here to download a copy.

Click here for required permits:   CHART-OF-REQUIRED-PERMITS


Rules for Application

(A1) Application for Area Variance  A1-RULES-FOR-APPLICATION-FOR-AREA-VARIANCE
(A3) Application for Zoning Amendment  A3-RULES-FOR-APPLICATION-FOR-ZONING-AMENDMENT

Building Permit Forms

(B1) Residential Building Permit Application  B1-Building-Permit-Application-Residential
(B2) Non-Residential (Commercial) Building Permit Application  B2-Building-Permit-Application-Non-Residential

Contraction Registration Forms

(C1) Contractor Registration – New  C1-Application-for-Contractor-Builder-Registration-New
(C2) Contractor Registration – Renewal  C2-Application-for-Contractor-Builder-Registration-Renewal
(C3) RITA Business Registration Form  C3-RITA-Business-Registration-Form

Zoning Permit Forms

(Z1) Accessory Building  Z1-Zoning Permit for Accessory Building-Residential & Commercial
(Z2) Additions/Alterations  Z2-Application for Zoning Permit for Additions & Alterations
(Z3) Concrete Drive/Patio Pad  Z3-Application for Zoning Permit for Concrete Drive Patio Pad
(Z4) Conditional Use  Z4-Application for Zoning Permit for Conditional Use
(Z5) Deck  Z5-Application for Zoning Permit for Decks
(Z6) Demolition of Building  Z6-Application for Zoning Permit for Demolion of Building
(Z7) Fence  Z7-Application for Zoning Permit for Fences
(Z8) Home Occupation  Z8-Application for Zoning Permit-Home Occupation
(Z9) Lot Combination  Z9-Application for Zoning Permit for COMBINING LOTS
(Z10) Lot Split  Z10-Application for Zoning Permit for Lot Split
(Z11) New Non-Residential (Commercial)  Z11-Application for Zoning Permit for COMMERCIAL New Construction
(Z12) New Residential  Z12-Application for Zoning Permit for RESIDENTIAL New Construction
(Z13) Occupancy Commercial  Z13-Application for Zoning Permit for Commercial Use Occupancy
(Z14) Occupancy Residential  Z14-Application for Zoning Permit for Residential Occupancy
(Z15) Parking Lot Paving  Z15-Application for Zoning Permit for Parking Lot Paving
(Z16) Pool (includes application for Sanitary Sewer Credit for Pool Fill)  Z16-Application for Zoning Permit for Pool
(Z17) Sign  Z17-Application for Zoning Permit for Sign
(Z18) Temporary Building-Construction Trailers/Real Estate Offices  Z18-Application for Zoning Permit for Temporary Building

Click here for the LaGrange Zoning Map:  LaGrangeZoning-2010